Why are we getting dust after using our Idylis ultrasonic humidifier?

by Jim and Goldy Conley
(Versailles, Indiana)

We recently purchased and are now using an Idylis ultrasonic humidifier model IHUM-20-41. We have used humidifiers for many years but they all had filters (wicks).

We liked the idea that our no-wick Idylis ultrasonic humidifier would save a lot money on replacing filters. We are now getting a lot of white dust on all of our furniture and are constantly cleaning this dust off of our furniture.

Why are we getting this dust now after using the Idylis ultrasonic humidifier?

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Feb 01, 2011
white dust from Idylis
by: Lisa- site expert

You are correct in noticing that the wick humidifiers didn't produce dust and the ultrasonic humidifier is the culprit for the white dust.

The white dust from the Idylis ultrasonic humidifier is from the fine mist that is propelled into the air, which releases the minerals from the water out with the mist and it dries leaving the dust. These minerals are also in the air, which is not good for your lungs. There are a number of options to help eliminate the white dust from the Idylis ultrasonic.

First, use distilled water. The minerals are removed from this water, so no white dust will form. Second, use a demineralization cartridge, which you can likely buy online to take out the minerals from the tap water. Third, take back the ultrasonic humidifier and go with a humidifier with a filter or wick if the water thing is too much hassle.

Each humidifier will have its pros and cons as you know. The filters are kind of a pain to replace, though I let my humidifier run dry every few days then, this dries out the filter and helps it last quite a lot longer. Also, I elevate the humidifier off the ground, so the filters don't get as dirty. The Idylis humidifier is a good humidifier overall from the reviews, so if you don't mind using distilled water or the demineralization cartridge, then that is a good way to go as well.

To your health,

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