White dust

by Karen Hopple
(Palmyra, PA, USA)

I purchased an Idylis Ultrasonic Humidifier. I have been using ONLY filtered and/or distilled water, but I am still experiencing a white dust coating my t.v. screens and surrounding cabinets.

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Jan 14, 2011
white dust from ultrasonic humidifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Great thing to be concerned about- white dust from your ultrasonic humidifier on your furniture. That means it's also going into your lungs (only harmful in large quantities from most studies) but still prevention is always good.
Ok, so I am going to guess the white dust is from the filtered water, not the distilled. The filtered water will still have many of the minerals in the water. The white dust is the minerals from the water. Distilled water should have been distilled of all the minerals (or most anyway).

I'm not sure, but if you still get the white dust when using your ultrasonic humidifier from using only distilled water, it could be the distillation process isn't very complete with that brand.

I know using distilled water for your ultrasonic humidifier all the time can be a pain, so I recommend getting a demineralization cartridge. This should allow you to use the filtered water again. You can get these demineralization tabs online most anywhere. Let me know if those don't work and I'll do more research and try to help you be white dust free.

To your health,

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