Which air purifier for toxic vapors?

by Cat
(Hoboken, NJ)


I live in a second floor apartment where I have recently become surrounded by new construction projects outside the building. I live in Hoboken, NJ, and apparently most of the land was occupied by factories that caused a lot of contaminated sites that require remediation. There is a remediation project going on outside right in front of my apartment where they are trying to rid toxic soil and eventually build a mall. Of course all of the builders and developers swear back and forth that they are not doing something that will cause toxic vapors and fumes, but I am still worried. They also sometimes have their trucks idling under our windows. We want to move, but it's not a good time.

What kind of purifier would help absorb any unhealthy fumes that might make it through the cracks of our closed windows? One that absorbs dander too would be a bonus because we have a cat and my husbands is slightly allergic. However, taking care of the fumes is our priority!

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Apr 01, 2012
Best air purifier for toxic fumes
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Cat,
Yes, I think you have very good reason to want to protect yourself from those potential toxic fumes with an air purifier. Seems to me there could very well be some that get released into the air when the ground is being dug, though it is hard to say for sure. Why not be on the safe side!?

For great air purification for both allergies and toxic fumes or gas, I recommend the Austin Air Purifier Allergy HEGA machine. It helps rid the air of toxic gas fumes and allergens. Really perfect for what you want. The cost is not the cheapest, but the filters last a very long time so you'll save money in the long run for sure.

Here is the link to more info: http://www.air-purifiers-humidifiers.com/austin-air-allergy-machine.html

Let me know how you like it if you get it and how it helps with the allergies and any fumes you notice before using the air purifier. I'd recommend Amazon for a cheaper place to buy it.

To your health!

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