Where to best locate my BlueAir air purifier in a room?

by Chris Eckers
(Edmonton, Canada)

blueair 601 air purifier

blueair 601 air purifier

I would like to know where I should locate my air purifier in my living room? It is about 15x20, but there is not a door that can enclose the room, just an opening to the kitchen and dining room. So, the air purifier will be cleaning air from those rooms as well, I would guess, since the air can pass between the rooms.

My home office is in a corner of the living room, so it's where I spend most of my time which is why I want an air purifier for this room. The one I bought - is the BlueAir 601.

Should I place the air purifier near the opening to those rooms to clean the air coming in, or near my office area where I spend a lot of time? So far it seems to work well, but wondered if you had thoughts on this?

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May 01, 2010
where to locate air purifier in the living room
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Chris,
Without seeing your space it's hard to tell for sure where to place the air purifier. I'd say the best place is near where you are sitting all day. The air will be cleanest near the air purifier.

The only problem with that may be if the noise of the air purifier bothers you while you work. If it does, then having it by the opening to the other rooms seems like a perfectly fine option. This will, as you noted, clean the air entering the room.

Since you have a high quality air purifier, even if you have it across the living room, the air around you will be quite clean. The added bonus of having it at the opening would be cleaner air in the other rooms too since the fan will be sending air out there.

Finally, I would say, use your best judgment what works best for you. You can try it both places and see what feels the healthiest and best for you.


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