What type of humidifier for girl's bedroom?

by Cathy
(South Hadley ma)

What type of humidifier should I purchase for my daughter's bedroom? Her room is on the smaller side and she suffers from allergies/stuffy nose and eczema/dry skin. Thank you.

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Dec 18, 2011
humidifier for kids bedroom
by: Lisa- site expert

A humidifier could be helpful to ease the dryness for your daughter's bedroom. I recommend any ultrasonic humidifier for kid's rooms. Make sure you use distilled water to fill it or a demineralization cartridge so the minerals don't get into the air from the water. See my video on the ultrasonic humidifier page for more explanation on that.

In my opinion, it sounds like your daughter likely has a food allergy. Skin issues and stuffy nose are often a sign of dairy or wheat allergies. I'm no doctor of course, but I know so many kids that had that exact problem and it was a food allergy. As long as the humidity in her bedroom doesn't get above 50% then a humidifier should be helpful too, though doesn't get at the root of the issue. A naturopathic doctor should be really helpful for your daughter. I had respiratory allergies as a kid and now have NO allergies at all from cleaning up my diet. My best wishes to you both to find what works best for her health!


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