What type of Humidifer to buy ?

Hi Lisa

I have a 2yr old and the kid's room is on the small side, I get so confused as to whether to buy a warm or cold mist humidifier and do you recommend getting one that switches off at the correct humidity ?

If you could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful, many thanks


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Nov 30, 2010
best humidifier kids bedroom
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Lucie,
It's great you are on the look out for the best humidifier for your kid's bedroom that won't over humidify. It will make a big difference on the best size of the humidifier if you close the door to the bedroom or leave it open at night. Also, will you be operating it all day/night or just at night?

I'd recommend running it all day/night while it's so dry and leaving the door open a little, this way there will always be humidity in the room, but not too much. If the door will be closed at night, it will be easy to over humidify a small kid's room, so run it on low and check the humidity level in the morning.

The two best humidifiers with a digital humidity regulator are the Air O Swiss 7144 and the Germ Guardian H3000. These are both expensive and will cost over $150 depending on where you buy, but are great for being able to have an exact humidity reading/shut off.

For a cheaper option for the kids room humidifier, you can get any cool or warm mist humidifier- read pros and cons from links on the home page- and a digital humidistat and just check the level of humidity in the room in the morning to make sure it's between 25%-45%. Running it on the lowest setting should ensure it's not overly humid, but do check it with the humidistat so it's not over 50% and allowing bacteria to grow. Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks!

To your family's health,

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