what is the quietest humidifier and not too expensive?

by Steve
( New Mexico, USA)


I would like a really quiet humidifier for my bedroom. It gets really dry and I sleep better with a little humidity I have noticed. I have tried some of the Honeywell humidifiers, but they are pretty loud. I like the price of them and I paid around $60-$75 for the few humidifiers that didn't work. They are easy to find here, but I'd like a better one. Any ideas?

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May 26, 2010
ultrasonic humidifiers are the quietest
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Steve,
Most ultrasonic humidifiers are very quiet. Some do have fans, so those will be a bit louder, but for your needs, just a basic ultrasonic humidifier will work.
You will notice these produce a mist or fog which is almost silently propelled into the air. These humidifiers can leave a white dust in the air, so make sure to use a demineralization tab or use distilled water. The white dust can irritate your lungs and is just annoying to have all over your furniture.
Also, not sure if you are sensitive to light at night, but do check to see if there are reviews about the brightness of the humidifier light.
The brand I recommend for a budget price are Crane humidifiers (these have kid designs but some look like regular humidifiers).

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