what does this mist do

by linda
(sa. tx.)

my child has a ear and respitory infection will this help him?

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Jun 27, 2010
Humidifier Mist for respiratory problems
by: Lisa- site expert

Humidifier mist can be helpful for respiratory problems. By itself, it won't take away the infection, but it might help your child breathe a little easier by soothing the nasal passages, allowing easier air flow.

If you are using a mist/ultrasonic humidifier and if you or your child is sitting very near the humidifier, make sure you are using distilled water or a demineralization cartridge so there is no mineral dust coming out into you or your child's lungs!!!!! The mist will work better if you are near the humidifier, but make sure to use one of the above methods of reducing the exposure to the mineral dust created.

You could try Vick's (just a little under the nose) while using the humidifier, also to help soothe and open nasal passages. A kid's herbal immune support tincture would also be helpful, as many of these will have herbal antibiotics which will help the infection. There are many at natural food stores and they can help you choose a good one.

Hope your child feels better soon...

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