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Hi - I live in NJ and our finished basement ( aprox 1700 sq ft ) has had a musty smell for aprox one yr. I've tried a room dehumidifier but that doesnt do the trick. I'm fearful of mold and other air problems so I'm considering a wave ventilation system - do you have an opinion on this product? The cost is aprox $1500 . Cant find much information on actual users but one cautionary comment seems to be it can creat negative air flow. I have no idea what negative air flow is .

Thanks in advance - any info you can provide would be appreciated . Martin Murphy

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May 26, 2013
I swear this is amazing!
by: D.H.

I have lived in this 90 year old house for 13 years. We had central air put in which I prefer not to use, bc I like the open windows. Anyway, for 13 years, especially in the humidity, my house had a dreadful odor. I spent hundreds on candles which I kept lit every day to mask the house's smell. Finally, my husband heard an ad for the Wave on KYW and the guy came over a few days later and installed the system in my basement. OMG! After 3 days, my house smells fresh and clean, the musty smell in the basement is gone. Best home improvement since my kitchen renovation. Sincerely, truly amazing. I love my house now! If your house a weird smell, which so many do, (you just may not notice it bc you are used to it) get this system, you will not be sorry!!

Jan 20, 2013
by: marcia

We had the Wave dehumidifier system istalled in our vacation home in July 2012.We were told to no longer use our standing dehumidifiers as the Wave will solve all our problems.Within 4 weeks we had MOLD growing on the walls,the doors and ceilings !!!!
The company is VERY DIFFICULT to deal with !!!!
Besides having to scrub our entire living quarters with bleachy solutions, we had to paint our ceilings and doors. Our very expensive pool table is completely covered in HUGE bloches of green mold. Because of this useless system , our entire home has become a health hazard ! WE are planning on suing the company. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ISTALL THIS PRODUCT !!!

Jan 01, 2012
by: Jackie

I have had the WAVE for about 3 years now. It is what I call an answer to prayer. My basement was so damp that water would form on the floor. I painted down there and after a week it was still wet. Literally, I asked God the Father, what can I do we had done every thing to seal the basement and there were no cracks or leaks. And then it came to me that it was a humidity problem. The house wasn't breathing. When we installed the WAVE, within an hours the paint dried, and the moldy smell left in about a day. It cost pennies on the dollar to run it. I know because the house was empty for several months, I had timers running and the burner that came on occasionaly.
I really love this product.

Aug 17, 2011
wave system
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Martin,
I wish I knew more about the wave ventilation system, but I do not. You are right to be concerned about the musty smell and possible mold. It is very likely there is a mold issue as there is something causing the musty smell.

First, have you checked to see what the humidity level is in your basement when the dehumidifier is running? It could be that the level is still over 50%, even with the dehumidifier, which is too high. That is a good first step. Get a humidity reader- digital- and test a few different times of day after a rain or when it is likely to be damp. If you find it is ever over 50%, then you need a larger dehumidifier.

Second, an air purifier with a carbon filter could be great for you. The carbon filter will take away the smell and the purifier will remove any mold in the air- much cheaper than the wave system. The Idylis air purifier from Lowes also has a UV bulb to purify the filter, which is good so you aren't recirculating even a little of the mold.

Finally, the wave system could be great, I just don't know. Negative air flow is like when you release the air from your lungs which causes a negative amount in your lungs, so you need to breathe in to have a positive level. When your house has negative air flow, your house needs to breathe in to get more air and will potentially pull in gasses from the ground since you are in a basement.

Any more questions, just let me know! I hope you find a great solution to your musty problem, for better breathing and health in your home!
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To your health,

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