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Vornado started in the 1940’s as a quality fan company. In 1989, a new Vornado company was founded on a signature fan with vortex action. This fan could evenly distribute air throughout an entire room. The company used this technology in its humidifiers to evenly distribute moisture throughout a room. Units are engineered and built in the U.S.A.

Most ultrasonic humidifiers will not be as good at distributing the air through a home because most do not have fans. Without a fan, it will be quieter, but not as efficient at humidifying, so it will be a trade off.

Vornado Ultrasonic Humidifier List price $199.99

  • Humidifies up to 1250 sq ft.

  • Output of up to 3.5 gallons per day

  • 2 gallon tank

  • Digital LCD screen with humidistat

  • Vortex Assisted Ultrasonic Humidification

  • Option of cool or warm mist

Consumer reviews. On Buzzilions, I found 7 reviews, which gave this an average of 3.3 stars out of 5. The users liked the combination of ultrasonic humidification and the powerful vortex fan to propel humidity into the room.

Some said it was quiet, even on high, while others said it rattled and was loud. This is probably a function of the fan becoming unlevel when it gets noisy. Cleaning was an issue, as it needs cleaned every week with vinegar to remove possible bacteria build up. This is true of any ultrasonic humidifier, unless there is bacteria inhibiting technology with the unit.

Expert review. This Vornado ultrasonic unit does not seem to warrant the cost. I really like the Vornado evaporative humidifier. It has a list price of $99.99, which is half of this one. The one nice feature on the ultrasonic is the warm or cool mist option. Since the evaporative humidifier puts out cold air, it could feel too cold in the winter.

On the ultrasonic, you can switch it to warm mist when that is more comfortable. Also, this unit does humidify more sq. ft. than any other ultrasonic humidifier I know about because of the fan. So, if you really want an ultrasonic for a large area, this could be good for you.

Overall, this unit does humidify a large space and if the fan is balanced, it is quiet. If you don’t need as large of a space humidified, check out Air O Swiss- there is a tab to the left. They have units with a warm or cool mist option and have bacteria inhibiting technology. Their largest unit humidifies up to 860 sq ft, so if that is not enough, this Vornado will give you the most sq ft humidified. The Vornado evaporative unit humidifies up to 1000 sq ft and is a great machine worth checking out. Read Vornado Evaporative Humidifer Review.

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