Vornado Evaporative Humidifier Is A Huge Winter Help

by Audrey
(Ft. Collins, CO)

I love my Vornado Humidifier. It is an evaporative humidifier, which I like best of the kinds of humidifiers. The fan circulates the humidity all around my home. My skin, lips and throat feel so much better when I use it. When I forget to turn it back on, within an hour or two my lips start to crack, it is that dry here in the winter! It is a lifesaver. I can't imagine going through the winter without it. Oh, and it is the old style, the ivory one. Not the new black one, but I would guess the new style is also great.

It is easy to clean and holds enough water for just at 48 hours of running on high! I have to change the filters about every month and this is with running the unit on high 24/7 and with dog hair that gets in the filter. I do sometimes rinse them with vinegar to help them last longer.
The only thing I would mention is that I did have it in my bedroom initially, but I didn't like the chugging sound when the reservoir filled up. Now I have it in my living room, which seems better because this way the fan can circulate the air better to the other areas of the house that are open to the living room.

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