by Ian
(South Jersey)

great site! i share an old house built in 1910 with one other person and the cold, dry weather is starting to affect us. we have been searching for not only a good humidifier but also air purifier for both bedrooms. I came across a german company called venta that claims to do both. what do you think about this company and more specifically the LW-24 plus. Besides that what would you suggest as far as making this old house feel comfortable again. Thanks so much.

- Ian N.

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Dec 11, 2010
austin air and alen a 350
by: Lisa- site expert

Well I'd say they are very comparable air purifiers the Austin Air and Alen A350, the only difference is that the Alen purifies up to 800 sq. ft and the Austin air purifies almost double that, which is great. The best Austin Air would be the Healthmate, their most popular. Hope that helps.

Dec 02, 2010
Austin Air vs Alen air purifier
by: Ian

Thanks for the great info. How would you compare the Alen A350 to Austin Air. And also which model from Austin air works best? thanks again. I'm going to check that humidifier out right now.

Nov 04, 2010
old house air purifier or humidifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Good question. I have Venta airwashers on my site, and initially they looked like such a great way to clean the air and humidify. When I dug a little deeper, the level of air cleaning was not very good. It would help prevent dust build up and other large particles from being in the air, but any bacteria, viruses, mold, etc would not be cleaned.

Personally, I would get the Austin Air healthmate air purifier. I really think this is the best one on the market to purify a large space. They have top rated HEPA filters and are the only top rated ones that will clean more than 800 sq ft that I can find.

I just haven't found a combination air purifier/humidifier that does a good enough job of cleaning the air to make it worth it, for the cost. The Sharp Plasmacluster does a great job at both, but is expensive. Worth it, if you want the best.

Really, the Austin Air and a Vornado evaporative would be able to clean and humidify a house nicely. That would be what I would go for if I were you! Let me know if you have more questions, happy to help. Glad you like the site.

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