Venta Airwasher Humidifier Purifier

Venta Airwasher offers a very effective, yet simple design on their units. Quality air cleaner and humidifier machines with low maintenance. Read helpful consumer and expert reviews on each individual model listed below.

Venta is a German company and the machines are German engineered. They offer what you would expect in top quality and outstanding customer service.

Airwashers are helpful for those in dry climates who suffer from mild asthma or allergies. They help maintain an optimal level of humidity while washing the air of impurities. The Venta has been reported by users to reduce sneezing, and stuffy noses from pollen, dust and other air particles. It helps soothe dry throat, skin, eyes, and lips.

How does the airwasher work? Dry air is drawn in through the top of the machine and passes over a rotating stack of disks. Particles of dirt and dust become heavy and sink to the bottom of the lower housing. Only purified humidified air will evaporate through the two sides of the unit.

There are no filters to replace. Testing has show that with 8 weeks of continuous use and recommended maintenance, the airwasher unit did not have any bacteria or germ build up. The cleaning is very simple and easy.

Venta offers two solutions to help this process, which are the only additional cost during use. The first helps with the water evaporation and reduces hard water minerals. This solution does not evaporate and will not enter the air. The second helps with cleaning the unit, which should be done every 6 months.

Venta has three different models which are effective in varying square feet from 180-720 sq ft. Each model has the same airwashing and humidifying technology.

Venta-airwasher LW14 is good for rooms up to 180 sq ft.

Venta-airwasher LW 24 is good for rooms up to 360 sqft.

Venta-airwasher LW 44 is good for rooms up to 720 sqft.

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