Vaporizer Humidifier

Find the best steam vaporizer humidifier option for your family. There are many ways to humidify a home and these are great for winter months during cold and flu season. Vaporizers and warm mist humidifiers are similar in many ways.

They both provide warmth and moisture and can be essential for comfort and well-being during the winter months.

Both vaporizersand warm mist humidifiers work by boiling water to create heated moisture. The primary difference between the warm mist humidifier and the steam vaporizer is that warm mist humidifiers have a cooling chamber and vaporizers do not.

Each of these types of humidifier has its benefits. The vaporizer willlikely kill any bacteria attempting to form, but carries with it the risk of steam burns created by releasingvery hot vapor directly into the air.

The warm mist humidifier is unlikely to burn you, but may requiremore thorough cleaning than the vaporizer. If there are children in the environment in which the devicewill be used, a warm mist humidifier is preferable to avoid the risk of burns associated with vaporizeruse.

Among the more popular vaporizers on the market – possibly because it is both inexpensive andwidely available – is the Vicks 1.5 Gallon Vaporizer with Night Light. This model provides 18-24 hours ofsteam per filling.

It has a 1.5 gallon tank, and includes a medicine cup that can be filled with medicatedinhalant for increased upper respiratory relief. The triple insulated reservoir keeps water at a safertemperature to minimize the risk of burns, and the large night light prevents bumping into the vaporizerin a dark room. This vaporizer sells for $20-$30, and comes equipped with an automatic shut off device.

If you are looking for a top rated warm mist humidifier option, consider the Supentown SU-2653 WarmMist Humidifier with Fragrance Oil Diffuser. This versatile model has a 2.5 liter tank, includes a 2-hour timer and automatic shot off protection, and allows the consumer to add the medicated (such aseucalyptus) or perfumed oil of their choice to the air. The SU-2653 costs $40-$50.

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