Ultraviolet Humidifiers

Ultraviolet Humidifiers can be great to keep germs at bay, so you can breathe better and feel healthier. Read more about these high tech humidifiers and the pros and cons before you buy. Ultraviolet humidifiers are equipped with built-in protection against germs and bacteria.

The UV light included in this type of humidifier kills waterborne bacteria, germs, and mold prior to the release of water vapor into the air. If you want your mist germ-free (and who doesn’t?), look for an ultraviolet or UV light model of your favorite humidifier.

You may pay a little bit more, but the health benefits and reduced time spent cleaning your humidifier should be worth it. The use of ultraviolet technology can be of special importance to children, the elderly, consumers suffering from allergies, or persons with compromised immune systems.

Ultraviolet humidifiers come in both cool and warm mist models and can provide worry-free humidity throughout the year.

A popular model for consumers suffering upper respiratory difficulties is the Vicks UV 99.999% Germ-Free Humidifier. This humidifier provides 24 hours of warm mist per tank, has a UV chamber for anti-bacterial operation, and an adjustable humidity control with multiple settings. Each unit features a medicine cup for optional use of inhalant, and costs about $80.

While the majority of customer reviews were positive on the Vicks ultraviolet humidifier, one consumer warned of a potential fire hazard if the unit is not kept on a completely level surface.

Another well-reviewed UV light humidifier is the Hunter 31206 Ultrasonic UV Medium/Large Room Humidifier. The ultrasonic feature on this model provides nearly silent operation in addition to the anti-bacterial features provided by the UV light. Additionally, the Microban protection in the tank construction makes this ultraviolet humidifier an excellent choice for the germ conscious consumer.

The tank provides 24 hours of cool mist per filling, and the unit comes equipped with a night light. The Hunter 31206 costs about $70.

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