Ultra disk chamber

by Brenda Meko
(Punxsutawney PA USA)

I ask you about the ultradisk chamber where the spout fits down in before you put the tank on. I was wondering if there was a actual disk there or if it is an empty chamber. I wasn't sure if that was calcium buildup or it was supposed to be there. My email is bmeko@yahoo.com i own a Germ Gardian Ultasonic Digital Humidifier H3000 model

Thank you

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Oct 20, 2012
ultrasonic humidifier disk corrosion
by: Lisa- site expert

Yes, there is a metal disk which is in the top of the humidifier. It moves at an ultrasonic rate and creates the mist of water. So, yes this disk can build up with mineral deposits. It is best to use distilled water in ultrasonic machines because of the water mineral problem. Hope this helps.

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