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Twilight Whirlpool Air Purifier No Vampires Here

The new Twilight Whirlpool Air Purifier is sleek and modern and luckily no vampires come with this purifier. You can watch the Twilight movie on it.

This is Whirlpool's most forward thinking air purifier. Probably the sleekest air purifier you will find from any company. 

The OLED sheet allows users to show videos or images. So, you are getting the air cleaned with the purifier and cooled with the built-in air conditioner, why not watch a video at the same time.

Yeah, there are now about 10 devices to watch a video on at any given moment in a room, but why not have another? An additional feature is the ability to add a fragrance to the air while it's being cleaned and cooled. 

It was developed by design students. This must be why it looks so much better than most whirlpool air purifiers.

Overall, I doubt too many of us have more money than we know what to do with, and these are the people they seem to be targeting. I love innovation and new ventures in home appliances, but this seems like a lot of features that drive up the price and do not give a ton of added value.

I have this practical streak I just can get past with this one. I really want my air purifiers to do a great job at cleaning the air. I don't really care what else they can do for me.

Ok, a nice air conditioner is a good bonus, but videos, I would have to see one on the OLED sheet to see if it's that great and worth the money, but I doubt it.