the best Air Purifiers for pet dander

What is the best air purifier mainly for removing pet dander and with a permanent hepa air filter? This is for a large room 14 x 50 approx.

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Feb 04, 2012
air purifier
by: Anonymous

We bought the alen, then we bought the austin.
Then we bought the best IQair.
Yes it does cost more, but when it comes to the air you take in do you really want to be cheap about it?
We are very happy with the IQair it is very low in noise and the air is so nice now. Good luck with why ever one you do buy, Just stay away from ones made in China, like the alen....

Jan 03, 2011
Oh, thank you :)
by: Lisa- site expert

Thanks for letting me know about the Sears Kenmore air purifier, I'll have to check that one out as that is great your sister was able to breathe better with that purifier (and enjoy her visit more I bet). I'm sure it was much cheaper than the Austin Purifier, so probably a good buy. I love the feedback! Thanks!!

Dec 31, 2010
Thanks, air purifiers
by: Debbie

I wish I had waited for your answer on the austin pet air purifier but we bought a Sears Kenmore tabletop with a permanent (not hepa) filter. My sister who has big allergies to cats didn't need an antihistamine until she touched the cats and that's great news. I have noticed less dust. Next time I'll consider your recommendation. Thanks for your response.

Dec 27, 2010
best air purifier for pets
by: Lisa- site expert

Pets are fantastic to have around the home! I have three dogs and would have more if we had a bigger outdoor space- they are the best. So, for an air cleaner for pets, dogs, cats, etc, I'd recommend the Austin Air pet air purifier. The austin air purifier has a little more air purification power than the healthmate for the extra work of clearing pet dander, hair, dirt and so on.

I like this one because it does work on such a large area- up to 1500 sq ft. and the main HEPA filter is cleanable and only needs changing every 5 years or so. This makes it overall a great value for such a high grade machine. You'll notice a big difference in the air quality and amount of dust with using this pet air purifier. Other users report seeing less dust within just a day or two of use. Many report less allergies within a few days or a week, and with less allergies, they breathe better and sleep better!

It is also great for people who visit who might be allergic to pets because this pet air purifier will help clean the air so when they visit, they won't have such a reaction to the pet hair and dander. Those friends that avoid the house because of the pets can come over now. I think air purifiers are just great for that reason. My mother is allergic to dogs and having one in the room where she sleeps when visiting is a big help to her and her being able to enjoy her visit and breathe better while here.

Let me know how well it works if you get it, or if it doesn't work- definitely let me know so I don't keep recommending it- ha! These are great pet air purifiers, so I think you'll be happy.

To your health,

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