Table top hepa air purifier versus table top fume extractor

by Marcia McCaskey
(Hemphill, Texas )

I do stained glass and wear a n95 mask when I solder, but the fumes dissapate in the house. I was thinking that a table model air purifier would remove the flux odors before they could go throughout the house. I looked at fume extractors but they are not hepa filtered and I fear will not do what I want which is to be safe from flux fumes. Can you give me your suggestion. Thanks! Marcia McCaskey

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Apr 14, 2010
Air purifier vs fume extractor
by: Lisa- expert

From the research I have found on purifiers vs fume extractors, I'd say either could be helpful. It is a great idea to have something to purify the air, so fumes don't get into your home. Which is the best? I will give some guidelines below.

I am not an expert on fume extractors, but I did find a tabletop one with a HEPA filter and a charcoal filter (Sentry Air). The drawback with fume extractors seems to be the price for any that are powerful enough to do a good job, but this company looks like it has quality products.

For any good air cleaner/extractor, you need both the HEPA filter and the carbon filter. The carbon filter is what does the best at reducing odors and chemical smells. A HEPA filter won't do very well at reducing odors without the charcoal filter. So, whatever you choose, make sure it has both.

My best budget recommendation is actually the Honeywell 50250 air purifier- found on the Honeywell purifier page. It has a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. It is not a tabletop air purifier, meaning it's not compact enough to put on your workspace, but it is a purifying workhorse for the money. If you could get a stand to set the 50250 on, to get it closer to your workspace, that would really help purify the air at the source.

Why don't I recommend a HEPA tabletop purifier for you? Because most tabletop purifiers aren't very powerful. They work for your basic purifier needs, dust, pollen, germs. But for fumes, which could be harmful to your health, I think a strong air purifier is worth the extra money. The 50250 air purifier is small enough you could transport it to your living area, when you aren't working, for great general air purification.

If the 50250 isn't for you, like I said, make sure to get either an extractor or purifier with a carbon filter and HEPA filter and you'll have cleaner, healthier air!

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