Sunpentown Ultrasonic Humidifier Dual Mist

The popular Sunpentown Ultrasonic Humidifier SU-4010 offers an ion filter, warm, and cool mist on one unit. Read the consumer and expert reviews.

Why is it so popular? It has some excellent features many people want in a humidifier and it goes for a great price.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are popular because of their quiet operation and ease of use. The drawback is the white dust they can produce. This dust ends up in the air, then on your furniture and in your lungs. Sunpentown offers great technology to help reduce or eliminate this white dust.

The Sunpentown ultrasonic humidifier has a helpful ion exchange filter to demineralize and treat water, removing scale forming calcium and magnesium from hard water. Not only does this help eliminate white dust, it prolongs the life of the ultrasonic generator.

Another much loved feature is the dual warm and cool mist. During the cold winter months, the warm mist is soothing and comforting. When you don’t need the warm mist, cool mist is a energy efficient option.

Full Product Information - Sunpentown Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • 360 degree adjustable nozzle for mist direction control
  • Virtually silent operation
  • 4 liter water tank
  • Up to 10 hours humidity on high with warm mist
  • Up to 12 hours humidity on high with cool mist
  • Cool and Warm mist options
  • Ion exchange filter to reduce minerals in hard water to treat white dust
  • Warm mist uses 90 watts
  • Cool mist uses 43 watts
  • Overheat protection on unit
  • For rooms up to 500 sq ft
  • Size- 5 2/7 x 13 1/5 x 12 2/5 inches
  • Carrying handle for ease of transport

Consumer and Expert Reviews

Users give this great ratings- almost all four or five starts out of five. Many say it works very well in a large room, even larger than recommended. Those that have a humidity gauge have noted it increases air moisture significantly within hours.

The warm, cool mist feature is a great benefit, as is the water filter they report. Users say this humidifier helps soothe dry lips, sinuses, skin and helps them sleep better at night.

For the money, this is a great humidifier. It offers the helpful benefits of warm and cool mist so you don’t have to buy two humidifiers if you want both. White dust is a problem with ultrasonics, so the built in filter is really helpful. This is a great humidifier at a really reasonable price, making it one of the most popular out there for a good reason.

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