Soleus Air Dehumidifier 40 pint CFM 40 E

by Tim

This Soleus dehumidifier has done a great job at reducing the humidity in our home. We use it in the main level living area. It gets really hot and humid in the summer and to avoid having to run the air conditioner all day and night, I decided to try using a dehumidifier to help make it more comfortable.

I have found it is not too loud to have on when guests are over or I am watching TV. I read some dehumidifiers are really loud, but I haven't found this one to be overly so.

I do wish this dehumidifier had a temperature or humidity display. I know when it feels more comfortable, so the humidity must be lower, but I will have to go buy something to tell me exactly what the humidity reading is and wish this Soleus had it on there, but I really wanted the self-draining option and so I went with this one. I have not yet bought the hose needed to make it self draining, but look forward to not have to empty the pan all the time.

I have found if the inside temp is below 80 degrees, then using this to pull humidity out of the room makes it pretty comfortable without the air on. I do generally run the air if it's above 80 degrees, just because, even without the humidity, it's still too hot. It has worked solidly and I have no complaints. Which for a dehumidifier, from my research, that says something!

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