Solar Dehumidifiers

by Kyle

You mention that you've had success with solar dehumidifiers and that you've found a good selection on e-bay and amazon but the only ones I can find on e-bay are larger whole-house type units and I can't find any on amazon. I'm looking for a small unit to use in my 26 ft rv and I don't really want to have to run an extension cord to it all year long so I am looking into solar units. Any suggestions?


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Jun 27, 2011
solar dehumidifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Too bad, the ones I had found on amazon are no longer listed. I am not sure, but maybe the manufacturers decided not to sell through them anymore and I didn't record the company name so I don't know how to find them other than a Google search on solar dehumidifiers.

We recently got a solar panel for our RV, though it doesn't produce much energy, you can hook two/three together and then you can get a DC to AC converter to specifically run a dehumidifier on those solar panels. This might be the best option, as solar dehumidifiers are going to be very pricey anyway, so this way you can use the solar panels for anything you'd like. I got a sunforce solar panel for my RV. Have fun this summer in your RV!

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