Best Compact Small Humidifier

A small humidifier fits in compact spaces. Types include ultrasonic, cool and warm mist. Read the list of the best and most popular brands.

A small humidifier will be best for a room which has a door you can shut to keep in the humidity. Since they are small, they have less water tank space.

If you will be running the humidifier all day and night, to reduce the amount of times you need to refill, just run on med or low and keep the door closed. If you will only operate it at night, make sure the operating time is at least 8 hours, or as long as you sleep.

Compact humidifiers have all the same features as larger ones generally. The main difference will be the amount of sq ft it will humidify and the size of the water tank.

Germ Guardian has some really cute, retro looking small humidifiers. These win best design in my book. They also have helpful germ reducing technology. Look to the tab to the left for their product line.

If you are looking for a compact humidifier just because you think they will be cheaper, often that is not true.

It will depend on what features it has more than the size. There are some tiny humidifiers that cost more than large budget ones. Honeywell will have the many of the cheapest humidifiers, large and small. I have listed the more popular and best rated on the Honeywell Humidifier page on the tabs to the left.

When buying a humidifier, it is important to get one that humidifies more than the size room where it will be used. For example, if your room is 150 sq ft, get one that is rated for 200-250 sq ft as manufacturers sometimes overstate sq ft optimally humidified. This is more the case with ultrasonic humidifiers than other models.

The Portable Travel humidifier page lists the best mini portable models. These are great for office, travel and small bedrooms. They weigh less than 5 lbs. and can be as small as a box of large matches.

When you find the perfect size humidifier for your needs, with the right features, you can start enjoying refreshing, healthy air all season long.

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