Sharp Plasmacluster Purifiers: A Top Ionic Purifer Choice

Sharp Plasmacluster purifiers clean the air while sending out negative ions to help ionize the air. I am a big fan of ozone-free ionizers air purifiers.

I love ionized ocean air and am happy to have any help I can to have it in my home in Colorado. Sure, the machines can’t give the same ocean smell. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but I notice a fresher quality to the ionized air and love it.

It’s great that the Plasmacluster offers ionization, but does it do a good job purifying the air? Read on for information about how it holds up in tests and what consumers say about their units.

Expert analysis of Sharp Plasmacluster purifiers air purifying abilities. From all of my research, I have many great ratings and reviews about the Plasmacluster. Consumers give the whole line of Plasmacluter air purifiers top ratings and rave reviews. This means a lot. On the Plasmacluster, reviewers gave it 100% five star ratings on Amazon. That is rare, and a sign of a quality product with good service. I give it five thumbs up…

Product Information on the Sharp Plasmacluster product line.

There are a few Plasmacluster models currently available. They range in price from $200-$400 depending on size of square feet purified. All models have washable pre-filters and washable active carbon filters, which are essentially permanent filters, but may need to be changed eventually. This is one of my favorite features, having permanent filters which reduces the overall cost of ownership. Also, they run quietly. A great function if it will be in the bedroom.

The pre-filter captures the larger air particles to keep the HEPA filter cleaner, longer. The carbon filter helps reduce odors, smoke and pollution. The HEPA filter only needs replaced every 5 years or so, depending on use. It cleans 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns, controlling dust, pollen, dander and airborne allergy and asthma producing particles.

The option that makes the Sharp Plasmacluster purifiers unique are the ionic function. It does not emit ozone like most ionizers and it can be turned off or on, depending on your preference. The ionic feature emits extra negative ions which have been clinically proven to promote health and feelings of well being. Just like when you take a deep breath of air at the ocean or after a thunderstorm. Ahhh, refreshing, vibrant air.

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