Seeking your advice and suggestion on an air purifier

by Luann
(Placerville, CA)

Hello Lisa,

I have been waiting to hear back from you before I purchase an air purifier for myself - thought I would resend this because my other question may not of reached you. You helped me so much with the decision of a humidifier for my elderly dad's dry skin. Thank you.

With all the research on humidifiers I have realized getting an air purifier for myself would help me with my summer and winter allergies. Also have 2 cats which more that likely adds to the problem, but I love them dearly. My house is a small 1200 sq. ft. with a great room/kitchen and 3 small bedrooms. I would like to get just one unit since our home is small with not a lot of extra space. I work from home 4 days out of the week so if I needed to I could move the air purifier unit during the day. I had read your answer to a previous question posted that a HEPA filter was recommended. I was looking at an Alen A350 Energy Star Air Purifier along with many others and started to get confused. Seeking your advice and help.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks! Luann

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Oct 14, 2011
Thanks for confirming the best air purifier for my needs
by: Luann

Hello Lisa,

Thank you! - Like a lot of consumer goods out there in the market place products will seem the same but with a few twists in their descriptions it can totally be confusing as to what you are really getting. Thanks for the confirmation on the Austin Air Healthmate HM400. What a wonderful service you have provided me. You have saved me so much time & money by making the right decision the first time. Best regards, Luann

Oct 13, 2011
best air purifier for home
by: Lisa- site expert

Ok, I think the Austin Air Healthmate HM400 is best air purifier for your home. It is essentially the same at the bedroom or pet machine, but cheaper. I don't see the need to spend extra money on those. The healthmate junior air purifier would be too small for your whole house.

As far as placement, you could start with the healthmate purifier in your bedroom to see if it seems to help enough with the rest of the house. Of course it is best to have the air there clean, since you spend the whole night there. It might not help the rest of the house enough, so you may want to move it to a central location. It just depends on your preference, though if you put it by your bedroom door, it should really clean the air around there as well.

Finally, I'd keep the air purifier on continuously on low. If it seems you need more cleaning of the air, then go to medium and place it centrally. Of course, if it's really nice out and your allergies aren't too bad, and you want fresh air, just turn it off. When you turn it back on it will clean the air overnight.

To your health!

Oct 13, 2011
Austin Air Purifier questions on the various models
by: Luann

Hello Lisa,

I hope you had a wonderful vacation!
I was not going to buy an air purifier without your advice.
Thank you so much! I knew you would point me in the right direction. I went right to looking at the Austin Air Healthmate; I do like the idea of not having the extra cost of replacing filters.
I am confused now on the varieties they have.
I was cleaning the house this morning and I will be so glad when I get an air purifier even though I am clean and brush my cats there is always so much hair I find.

What is the difference between these 3 Austin Air machines? I feel confused now.
Healthmate HM400
Allergy machine
Bedroom machine
Healthmate Jr. (I like the size of this unit- but would it be too small for what I need?)

Is the Healthmate HM400 the one you would recommend?
Also would I centrally place the air purifier or keep in bedroom or move where I am?

Do I keep it on continuously, just when I am home or does it have an automatic turn-off?

As for my Dad I set up his humidifier yesterday. Everything is great I am so very happy. I would put it at 40% and it would turn off within a few minutes so put it at 50% before leaving. What is a good % to leave at?

I look forward to hearing from you, I am so very thankful for your help!
I wish you a wonderful day! Luann

Oct 13, 2011
best air purifier for home
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Luann,
Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation and not checking my site. I am glad you reposted your question as I do not get to the comments as quickly as the regular posts.
Ok, so my suggestion for the best air purifier for your home would be either the Alen A350 or the Austin Air Healthmate. The Healthmate is rated to filter up to 1500 sq ft and the Alen up to 800 sq ft. Given you have 1200 sq ft to clean, I think the Alen would do well with that sq ft.

The difference between the two is that the Alen air purifier has an ionizer. This helps give the air a fresh smell, which some people like. If you don't care too much about that, then I think the Austin Air is better because it has washable filters. This means you don't have to keep paying for new filters every 6-9 months. Austin air also has a pet air filter, which is about the same as the healthmate, so either would work for you.

You mentioned the Alen T300 UV and I only recommend the UV air purifiers when you have mold or high humidity to worry about, then the UV light kills the mold that might grow on the air purifier filter. I don't think you need that as the UV lights are expensive.
Hope this helps! Let me know how you like your air purifier. Also, how is the humidifier for your Dad?

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