Santa Fe or Ultra Air dehumidifier?

New home on lake- humidity high all year (Michigan).

Lower level (walkout) about 1500 sq. ft and main level
about 1700 sq. ft. Main level has cathedral ceiling
in 1/2 of house. Wood flooring and vinyl. Carpet only
in bdrms, approx 1000 sq ft (lower and main). Lower
level stays around 60 degrees unheated - foam insullation. Now have undersized dehumidifier running
almost 70% of time to keep humidity around 43/45% .
Forced air but no air conditioning. Do not like AC-
usually have lake breezes when warm and all doors and
windows open.
If I use a ducted unit then I will have to have the lower level heat in operation even when rooms not in use, which will mean more expense.
Should I decide to shut outside air off when hot and
humid (Michigan again)and no breeze, will the Ultra
Air be a benefit without installing AC (which I don't
No pets - no dander. Do not have to worry about not enough humidity.
Please advise,
Diane ANderson

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Jan 17, 2012
dehumidifier for Michigan house
by: Lisa- site expert

Thanks for all the details in your question. Well, it's great you are considering a dehumidifier so mold doesn't take over your new home!
I think the Ultra Aire vs the Santa Fe is a personal preference really. I'm guessing you mean the Santa Fe stand alone unit? I personally like the stand alone units because of the flexibility of use. I can be more specific what I use it for over a whole house unit.

Like you mentioned, a whole house unit would require heating all the rooms if tied to the heating vent system.
The whole house unit is easier to manage because you' need two dehumidifiers for both your levels, at least, maybe even two on a level depending on humidity. So, it comes down to preference. I think using the one you have and buying one or two additional stand alone units could work nicely, but if you want the ease, then the whole house is good. Either way, should work. If you are keeping the humidity at 45% or so, that is great. Best wishes, Lisa

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