Sankey Dehumidifier

by Dillon Marshall
(Arlington, Texas)

I would like to know if I am operating the humidifier correctly because I used it about 3 months last year to reduce the humidity and the tank would fill with water. I did not set anything on the functions when I clicked the power button. I do not have a users manual. I cleaned the filter and the plastic fan but when turned on the air was blowing out the top but an hour later no water was in the tank. I do not understand how the moisture is drawn into the machine filling the bucket when the air blows out. It seems like it would be the reverse. The air is taken in?????

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Oct 20, 2012
humidifier air return
by: Lisa- site expert

Thanks for posting the pictures of your humidifier, unfortunately they posted very small and I could not read the words. I hope you found a solution. It seems to me that the air blowing out is fine, just the exhaust area.
Sometimes water won't collect if the humidity is too low, so that could be an issue as well?


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