Room without windows

by Nea
(Milford CT)


My daughter moved into a house in which she
got the cheapest room because it had not windows other
than a skylight that does not open...

Any suggestions on how to cool the room.. the landlord
wont let her make any kinds of holes in walls..

Please help...

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Jun 02, 2010
cooling a windowless room
by: Lisa- site expert

Well, I do hope it was a very good deal. A windowless room might be tricky to cool. I doubt it's very legal to rent a space without a window of any sort, but hey, a roof over your head is always nice.

Well, as you likely know an air conditioner needs a way to vent the heat generated from running it, so that won't work. A large portable swamp cooler also needs fresh air to make it work, so after some consideration, I believe her best bet would be a humidifier with a fan, that is if she lives where it's somewhat dry during the summer.
Otherwise, a dehumidifier could be helpful to at least lower the humidity to help it feel cooler.

I had a Honeywell humidifier, one of the tower humidifiers, with a powerful fan and I really felt cool air from it. It was a little loud, so I took it back, but in the summer it would be helpful. Look for any non-ultrasonic humidifiers that have a fan to help pump out the moisture. This will be kind of like a misting fan to cool the space. Make sure the air output is on the side, not the top, so it will blow into the room, not to the ceiling.

I would say, the cheapest and easiest to find would be a Honeywell. Any of the "cool moisture" line would work. That is the type I had which pumped out the cool air. Like I mentioned, this is only a good option if it's somewhat dry there. If it's humid, go with a dehumidifier.
Best wishes to her for staying cool this summer!

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