respiratory illness after purchase of Humidifier

by Pat
(Richmond, VA, USA)

I purchased a large 4 l/2 gallon humidifier and started using it daily. I started getting sick just after that and was treated with 3 courses of antibiotic treatment and did not improve. I started questioning anything that was new of different in the house....the humidifier. I stopped using it and was somewhat better 24 hours later and now continue to improve.

What connnection could there be between the humidifier and respiratory illness?

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Mar 11, 2011
humidifier causing illness
by: Lisa- site expert

Great question! Yes, I do think a humidifier could cause your illness. I know they are great and like anything, too much of a good thing can be bad. I mean, if your humidity is too high in your house over 60%, then bacteria can flourish.
Also, if it is an ultrasonic (no filter) humidifier, then white dust can be propelled into the air. The dust is minerals which will irritate the lungs and sinuses. Use distilled water or a demineralization cartridge to reduce minerals.

Finally, if you are using an ultrasonic humidifier, and it hasn't been cleaned every 3-5 days, then it can be sending bacteria into the air from the tank. Yes, I still believe humidifiers are wonderful even though all these things can cause problems. Be proactive with your humidifier and it will treat you right. I literally wouldn't want to live without mine in the winter. I use an evaporative humidifier so the issues with over humidification, minerals and bacteria aren't a problem.

To your health,

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