Rabbit Air BioGS Air Purifier

The Rabbit Air BioGS air purifier model 421A with germicidal sterilization, gets great reviews from consumers. It is low maintenance and very effective.

It has a sleek design, perfect for any room. It is thin and has a small profile so it can fit in tight spots. Why is it so great? What do users love about the Rabbit Air BioGS Air Purifier?

Rabbit Air Purifier Pros:

  • Washable, long lasting HEPA and charcoal filters. The HEPA filter also destroys the particles that it traps, so these allergens aren’t collecting on the filter and possibly sent through the air again.
  • Nano silver pre filter traps larger particles before they can reach the HEPA filter. The nano silver technology also helps kill airborne pathogens.
  • Energy efficient. There are five speeds, and it uses only 33 watts at the highest speed.
  • Very effective air purifier. Users who live with dogs and in high pollen areas report being able to breathe much better with this unit. When it is running, the air is clean and fresh. When it is off they notice allergies return.
  • Automatically varies fan speed to clean the air most efficiently.
  • Lightweight and portable. Can be carried from room to room, which is helpful as it only cleans 600 sq. ft. of space.

Okay, it’s seems great. What are the drawbacks to the Rabbit Air BioGS?

Rabbit Air Purifier Cons:

  • This unit has a higher cost than Honeywell or other “big box” air purifiers, though with the washable filter, the cost in the long run will be lower than those without that feature. If cost is really an issue, then check out air purifiers that have washable HEPA filters, like this one, or the filter cost will add up more than the purifier.
  • Users report the LED display is quite bright, but it can be covered.
  • Remote operation only. This can be a problem if you are prone to losing remotes. Otherwise having a remote is helpful when you want to control the unit from your chair.

Overall, this is a great unit and offers many top quality features! Since it is highly recommended by users and testers alike, I give it top recommendations as well.

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