Rabbit Air Bio GS

by Ben J
(Akron, OH)

I wanted to mention that I am a big fan of the Rabbit Air Bio GS. I know there are lots of options, but I use this in my basement living area. It can get a little stuffy down there, especially in the winter and my Rabbit Air air purifier really cleans the air nicely.

I notice a big difference if I have it off for a day. The air isn't as fresh and clean. What I really like about this little air purifier is that it is so quiet. Since it's not a huge area and I watch TV in the same room as the air purifier, it's great to have it running and not drown out the TV or make me have to turn the volume really high to hear it.
I think the air smells so fresh because it has a charcoal filter that removes smells from the air. I wish I could get another for my main level of my home, but the sq ft is a little too small to cover it all and I don't want to have to buy two to clean all the air. Three in a house is a bit more than I'd like to deal with. Although, since it has washable filters, I don't have to buy those all the time which really helps with overall cost of the purifier! Hmmm, maybe I will just get two of these. It is a great purifier.

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