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Silent and Quiet Dehumidifiers

The best quiet dehumidifiers are great for your rooms, home and basement, because noisy dehumidifiers can be too loud. Read about the best silent and quiet dehumidifier brands.

Many people don't think about how noisy a dehumidifier can be for living areas. They know they want a good dehumidifier to reduce humidity and help their home be healthier, but these units can be noisy, so check out the options. If you have experienced the noise from a loud dehumidifier, then you know how frustrating it can be to try to talk over one, or sleep with it running.

There are some companies that do a better job at building a quiet dehumidifier than others. Santa Fe is generally a high quality company which produces good dehumidifiers, though these can be expensive because of the high quality. Read on for a list of quiet and silent dehumidifiers.

For a silent dehumidifier which uses no power, try the Eva Dry dehumidifier line. 

Eva Dry dehumidifiers passively remove moisture, like a sponge, from the air and do a decent job. The reservoir will fill, so it will need to be emptied every so often, depending on the air humidity. The mid-size will turn itself off when the tank is full, so it won't overflow, but the small size will not.

For a large space, the Danby Premier 70 pint low temperature dehumidifier is a highly rated quiet running dehumidifier. It has adjustable humidity control and auto shut off to prevent overflow. As a bonus to being quiet, it is also energy efficient and earned an energy star rating. It can safely be used in temperatures down to 41 degrees.

Finally, the Delonghi dehumidifiers have been rated in general as being fairly quiet. These dehumidifiers are good for the budget minded, since entry level units start at around $200. There are also some quiet energy efficient Delonghi dehumidifiers to save money on operating costs as well.