Psychic Classes - Graduate

Prerequisite: 6 months or one year of clairvoyant program.

Peeling the Onion Grad Class

Graduates of Psychic Horizons Center are invited to join this on-going series of classes. Work with the tools you learned in the clairvoyant program to deepen your awareness and clear energy blocks.

Relationships starts December 19th for 6 weeks
Advanced Chakras Start Jan 30th for 8 weeks
Offered at the center from 7-9 or on the phone, 5-6:30. (click here for phone class payment option)

Taught by: Mary Bell Nyman and Sydney Power
Cost: Pay for Peeling the Onion Classses monthly for $235/mo

Peeling the Onion Series:

Add two weeks payment to for a 2, 6 or 10 week class:

Extra two weeks PTO class:

Medical Intuition

Explore the human body as the physical, emotional and energetic vessel for our being-ness as spirit. Learn the physical and energetic anatomy of the body, and how/why key areas tend to hold karma, tension and disease. Learn how to read the glands, organs and structures, and hone your skills at reading the chakras in relation to these physical "hot spots".

Meets the third Sunday of the month from 10am-5pm; on-location OR long-distance via phone; February-July. Weekly readings, energy checks, and a recorded 1-hour tele-class per month are also required.

Prerequisite: 1-year Clairvoyant Training Program

For curriculum and format information, email Alison at alison at antonhealth dot com. For all other details, contact the center at 303-440-7171.

Taught by: Alison Anton, CNE, CMT, FDN
Starts: Sunday, February 19, 10-5pm, 6 months
Cost: $225/month

Graduate Women's Program

The emergence of the divine feminine and her integration into our energetic fabric is a huge part of the 2012 shifts of our world and spiritual paradigm. We will work this space for ourselves, the planet, and offer a healing space for women each month. This class is for women who want to master their female creative energy and divinity and help the planet take a step! Meets the first Saturday if the month. $75 a month. Drop ins welcome! Taught
by Hope Hewetson.

When: TBA
Cost: $75/month

Women's Program:

Ministers In Training

Create your own ministry for healing and serving others. Learn to do ceremonies and participate in our church services. Be grounded in trauma and counseling situations. Fulfills state requirements to become a licensed minister.

We will teach this session in a 2-weekend format, and you must attend both weekends.  In person or on the phone.

Taught by: Mary Bell Nyman
When: TBA
Cost: $200 each weekend (must attend both).  In person or on the phone.
Pre-req: Clairvoyant Graduates.

Minister's Training:

Trance Medium Program, Year One

Now that you’ve explored being in the body, explore your out-of-body space and learn what’s happening at white that affects you in the body. You will run white, learn to manage beings, do remote healngs, expand your spiritual universe and more! Deepen into the unconscious realms of what
affects you, and have more of your space and seniority.

Please call, 303-440-7171 or email, for more information. Meets the first Thursday of the month. You will also attend TM healing clinic the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Taught by: Hope Hewetson
When: Thursday Jan 5th 6-9pm
Cost: $200/month (The entire year is paid in advance, post-dated checks are accepted. Please call, 303-440-7171, for more information.)

Trance Medium Full Payment:

Trance Medium Program- Next Step

(prerequisite: clairvoyant program and 6 months of grad work)

This is a next step for you if you want to learn how spirit moves in and out of the body, how to create as a spirit and have more spiritual seniority.

When: In session
Taught by: Lauren Skye
Cost: $200 a month

Graduate Men's Program

Master your male energy! Clear competition and family energies from your space and better understand the mysterious female energies. Have more of your own awareness for creating your life, career, relationships and more.

Taught by: Brian Hall.
When: TBA
Cost: $235

One to One Graduate Class Payments

You can pay for your one to one class with either Hope Hewetson or Mary Bell Nyman here on this page.

One to One Graduate Class:

Minister's Dues- Yearly

Pay for your Minister's Dues here $50: Add to Cart

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