Proper use of air purifier and dehumidifier- help/advice

by Steve K
(Sheerness, Kent, UK)

Dear Lisa,

A quick overview -
I live in an old 2 bed terraced house with my recent partner and 3 children. Since they moved in with me; condensation has appeared and increased dramatically leading to black mould both downstairs and in the upstairs bedrooms. Dust particles have also increased and we have all been suffering various illnesses throughout the winter months, some quite worrying with the 2 youngest boys. I have tried various preventative methods, but to no avail, so I am in a position of great concern for all of us, especially the kids. There has been a lot of speculation on the 'healthy home' in the media etc.. lately of which has heightened my awareness and concerns. I need to take some good preventative measures and have been investigating options for air purifiers and dehumidifiers, as I feel these are my best bet.
Question 1 -
Can you tell/advise me if I only need a dehumidifier or only need an air purifier or is it possible to use both at the same time? e.g. - dehumidifier downstairs living and kitchen area and perhaps air purifiers for each bedroom or perhaps there is an alternative solution you can suggest?
Question 2 -
Is there something that can do both the dehumidifying and top notch air purifying effectively and efficiently?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you and any advice you can provide me.

Yours gratefully,

Steve K

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Feb 17, 2015
dehumidifier and air purifier for home
by: Lisa

Hi Steve,
Good for you for looking into these options for the health of the family! I would recommend a dehumidifier and air purifier, exactly as you were thinking. Unfortunately, there is not a great unit that will do both. So you will need separate units for each.

I do think your idea of a dehumidifier in the lower level and air purifiers in the bedrooms would help greatly. First the dehumidifier will reduce the mold/dampness but there will still be mold particles in the air. So, that is where the air purifier will help clean the air so it is healthier to breathe.

The damp air will settle lower, which is why a dehumidifier in the lower living area level would be best. Most dehumidifiers will work just fine, just get the right size for your home.

As for an air purifier, make sure it has a real HEPA filter (not just HEPA type). And that it has a pre-filter for the larger mold particles. A UV light on the air purifier would be helpful to kill the mold that might settle on the filter, but it's not mandatory as long as you change the filter more often if there is no UV light. These high quality HEPA air purifiers will be expensive, around $200-$800 USD but worth it for the health of everyone. I'm not sure what's available in the UK, but I'm guessing BlueAir would be around since they are from Sweden. They are high quality.

Best wishes for the return of good health for everyone!

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