Best Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Options

Portable air conditioner dehumidifiers are great for keeping your home cool and dry! Having trouble battling heat and humidity in your home? Not surprising -- these two conditions are frequent companions. If you have a smaller space or a limited budget, you might not want the extra costs and clutter of multiple devices. In this case, a portable air conditioner dehumidifier combination unit might be just what you are looking for. If a single unit with multiple functions is what you need, a number of options are available to you.

Portable air-conditioner dehumidifier combinations can range in price from about $300 to about $600. The less expensive units provide many of the same features as the high-end models, but many not provide adequate cooling (or heating), depending on the size of the room.

Two units (both in the $300 range) are the LG Portable 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier Combo, and the Soleus Air MA-9000 AH MobilAir Portable AC/Heater/Dehumidifier/Fan. The LG unit is capable of cooling and dehumidifying a space between 350 and 550 square feet in area. It comes equipped with an energy saver switch, washable filter, 24-hour timer, and a remote control. The Soleus unit can cool a space of 350-400 square feet, so it is better suited to a smaller room.

However, the Soleus is more versatile and can provide heat as well as cooling. It also comes equipped with a 3-speed fan, a window exhaust kit, and a 24-hour timer. The Soleus unit is capable of dehumidifying air at the rate of 75 pints per 24 hours.

While both units received mostly favorable ratings from consumers, many reviewers stated that the LG model did not provide an adequate level of cooling for a room on the upper end of its stated size range.

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