Personal Humidifiers

Read our reviews for the best personal humidifiers on the market today. High quality, low cost ultrasonic and evaporative.

Personal humidifiers are very small or miniature humidifiers designed to provide moisture for travelers and people on the go. Some personal humidifier models have small tanks for water, others simply attach to commercially available water bottles.

If you are an individual who suffers in low-humidity environments, a personal humidifier is an essential travel item. Winter travelers may prefer a humidifier like the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler, which sells for about $30. This unit provides warm mist therapy at a reasonable price. Vicks asserts that the customer will get between 5 and 15 minutes of steam from a single tank, depending on the steam level selected. Reviewers gave this product an average of 4 stars out of 5.

Another option in the $35 range is the Supentown Mini Humidifier. This humidifier attaches to bottled water instead of having a water tank. It comes with two bottle adapters of different sizes, and provides cool mist. It is very quiet, as it employs ultrasonic technology, and uses very little power.

The Supentown personal sized humidifier measures 4 inches by 2.5 inches by 3 inches, so it is truly travel-sized.

Air-O-Swiss also makes a water bottle attachable personal humidifier. The Air-O-Swiss Portable travel Humidifier is similar in size to the Supentown, nearly silent in operation, and includes a transcontinental AC adapter and exchangeable 100/240 volt plugs. This model sells for about $35, and provides cool mist.

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