Ozone Free Hunter Air Purifier

I'm looking at purchasing a Hunter brand air purifier. Do any of their models produce ozone which I know is dangerous? Can you recommend any of their models. They don't appear on any of the lists for recommended air purifiers.

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Jun 29, 2011
Ozone free hunter air purifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Finding an ozone free Hunter air purifier is easy, just make sure that any purifier you purchase does not have the "ionic" option. The "ionic" option creates ozone in some air purifiers to ionize the air. If it doesn't have that feature, then it won't emit any ozone. Good thing to check and make sure as ozone can irritate your lungs and have other side effects you don't want.
I hope you find a good one. I do not have a lot of info on Hunter air purifiers, but overall they are decent, so check reviews on Amazon and that should help!


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