Nursery Air Purifier

Read our healthy nursery air purifier benefits and features guide. Find out how to buy the best baby nursery air cleaner.

A nursery air purifier can be helpful for many reasons. Baby’s systems are very sensitive. They can be affected by germs, pollen, dander, dust, allergens and pollutants.

An air purifier can help keep the air in their nursery clean and pure. Top quality filters can help remove germs, allergens, chemicals and odors.

Studies have shown that indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air because of chemicals and off-gassing plastics. An air purifier will help clean those toxins from the room air.

What to look for in a baby air purifier.

  • The best nursery air purifier will have a HEPA filter. These are the best quality filters on the market. Anything that isn’t a real HEPA filter won’t do a very good job cleaning the nursery air and won’t be worth your money.
  • Determine what noise level is appropriate for your baby’s air purifier. Some air purifiers are quite loud and some have a softer “white noise” sound. The louder a purifier, generally the better it is cleaning, but some offer good filtration and still somewhat quiet. Austin Air Baby’s Breath purifier offers one with a womb like sound.
  • Get a purifier that will clean an area a bit larger than your baby’s nursery. This will allow the purifier to be on medium or low speed and still clean the air effectively.
  • Determine if your baby needs allergen, chemical and/or odor control. All air purifiers offer allergen and germ control, but only some offer odor or chemical purification.

An nursery air purifier is a great natural cold and flu preventive. It will keep your baby’s system healthier, so your whole family can be healthier and happier.

Check out our list of top air purifiers. All are highly recommended by experts and consumers and would be a great benefit to your baby’s nursery. For the Top Air Purifier list click here.

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