No mist is coming out...

by Chris
(North Carolina, USA)

I have had the Idylis 2.5 gallon humidifier(IHUM-10-25) for a little less than a year and am having a problem with it. I took the water tank off to clean the inside and when I refilled the tank and put it back on, there was no mist coming out of it. This particular humidifier has three different speed settings, yet since the cleaning is only blowing at one speed. Even though it is blowing at this one speed, there is still no mist coming out of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Jun 27, 2011
no mist from humidifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Well, I wish I had a great answer for why there is no mist coming out of the humidifier, but alas I do not. I have not used that humidifier, so I don't know why it might have stopped humidifying. My best guess is that the portal for the humidity got blocked somehow recently. Check the path where the water leaves the tank and goes out the spout and see if there is any thing there. Also, try to take the tank off again and put it back as this might help as well. Maybe something was askew when you put it back on and re-doing it will help.
Of course, calling customer service for Idylis could be helpful too- they might know just the problem. Best of luck fixing it!

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