Need humidifier for elderly mother

Hi Lisa, I appreciate all of the work you have done on your site. It is very helpful. I decided to purchase a Honeywell Duracraft Humidifier Warm Moisture HWM 910 after reading your review and watching you video. However, it appears to be out of stock; no longer being made. Do you have a replacement to consider? I am buying this for my mom who is elderly with vision challenges. I thought this would be perfect for her since she lives in a cold climate. I appreciate your help.

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Jan 19, 2014
humidifier for elderly mother
by: Lisa - site expert

Yes, I see that warm mist humidifier is no longer being made, too bad. Well, I'd suggest the Vick's warm mist humidifier. It's the one I personally own and it is easy to use. The only problem that I foresee for your mother is that the water tank is heavy when full and then has to be turned upside down, after filling, for use. I guess if she filled it half way each time that could work, but it couldn't be used overnight since it would run out of water if it wasn't full.

The other option is the Honeywell Easy To Care Warm Mist Humidifier. That can be filled from the top with a water pitcher, but could be overfilled, so maybe find a pitcher exactly the size of the humidifier tank so she can't overfill it. The ratings say it's hit and miss, but I think it could be perfect for what she needs. She's lucky you are there to help :)

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