Need help to find best quiet cool mist humidifier

by Luann
(Placerville, CA)

I have an elderly dad needs humidifier for extremely dry skin. He lives in assisted living in a very small room, a combo bedroom living area approx. 500 sq. feet - limited space to place unit and I don't want it to ruin fine furniture by moisture. I can sit it 2-3 feet off floor but it will have to be against furniture or a wall. The cost of unit is not a concern. I am the one that will need to fill with water and clean so I am wanting it's water supply to last at least 24 hours or more so I do not have to do every day.

I was told by a dermatologist unit must be cool mist but if it has a hot option that's fine too. I understand the ultrasonics are quieter but maybe there is a cool mist that is just as quiet? What ever you can suggest would be of great help to me.

Thanks Luann

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Oct 05, 2011
Needing your advice on which unit would be best for my allergies
by: Luann

Hello Lisa,

With all my researching for my dad and then finding you to help me with the decision on dad's humidifier I have realized how much a air purifier could help and prevent some of my suffering I have had with summer and winter allergies. I remember once my doctor had mentioned how an ultrasonic humidifier would be helpful and I remember now purchasing one and not liking the white partials it expelled so I took it back the next day. That was 5+ years ago. I was also really sick at that time on antibiotics. I want to be preventive so I am thinking an air purifier would be the way to go -what do you think?
Here is my profile:
I live in the foothill, I suffer with summer & winter allergies,I have 2 long hair cats that I adore but probably does not help and my home is 1200 sq. ft. A great room which includes kitchen, a small little hallway with 2 offices and bedroom. I work out of my office 4 full days a week. I know I want a unit in my bedroom and maybe could move to the office when I am in it during the day, or can I put a larger one centralized. My house is small so I would like to stay away from multiple units if possible. I had read on one of the posts you had mentioned HEPA filters so I researched around I always get stuck because every manufacturer says theirs are the best and there are great reviews. The last one I was looking at was Allen A350 Energy Star, Allen T300 UV Tower and then I thought I better ask your advice - Can you help me am I going in the right direction here? I am looking for your advice. Thanks! Luann

Oct 04, 2011
you are welcome!
by: Lisa- site expert

Great. I'm glad I could help. I also wanted to note that on my humidifier, I actually let it run out of water every few days to allow it to dry out, which reduces frequency in which I need to clean it! If it has water in it all the time, it will need cleaning weekly like any other humidifier. When the water runs out, the fan will keep running, which is fine for the unit...just wanted to add that tip!

Oct 04, 2011
Thanks for the help on which humidifier
by: Luann

Thank you so much for your recommendation to which humidifier would be a good choice for my elderly dad. I was waiting to hear back from you before making any decisions. I had spent 2-3 hours or more researching these devices and just confused myself as to which way to go. I am going to purchase the Vornado Evaporative Humidifier now. Again - thank you! I wish you a wonderful day! Luann

Oct 03, 2011
best cool mist humidifier
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Luann,
So, you need a humidifier which has a decent tank capacity, won't over humidify, and is cool mist preferably. My opinion on the best cool mist humidifier for your Dad's situation would be the Vornado Evaporative Humidifier. This is the one I have in my home, so I know it well.

It will be perfect for what you are after. I run mine on high to cover my whole house and need to add water a little more than once a day. I'd guess on medium or low, which should provide plenty of humidity, you could go 36 to maybe 48 hours with a tank. Since it is an evaporative humidifier, it won't over humidify and cause more problems. These type of humidifiers self regulate, unlike ultrasonic humidifiers which can easily over humidify. The cost is around $90 which is very reasonable for what it offers. I think you'll be pleased with it. They are pretty easy to find online.

It does need filters, so I'd buy extra of those to have around. You'll need to change those about every two months. To clean the Vornado humidifier use Vinegar every month or so at the base where the water sits. Let me know how you like it!

To your (and your Dad's) health,

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