LG Dehumidifier Reviews

LG dehumidifier reviews offer expert info on these affordable, yet low rated dehumidifiers. Read about what you need to know before you buy.

LG manufactures a number of dehumidifiers. Models in the LG dehumidifier line vary in their capacity to remove moisture from the air – from 30 pints of water removed per 24 hours, to 65 pints removed per 24 hours – and range in price from about $200 to about $280.

LG models feature washable filters for ease of maintenance, full-bucket indicators with automatic shut-off, and patented lo-decibel quiet operation.

However, while LG dehumidifier models are fairly popular due to their relatively affordable price, consumers consistently give this brand low ratings. The majority of consumers who reviewed LG dehumidifiers gave the brand a rating of one or two stars out of five.

Specifically, consumers cited LG as falling short when it comes to durability and reliability. Over and over, consumer reviewers wrote of LG dehumidifiers that either did not work out of the box, or stopped working in less than a year.

In fact, Consumer Reports urges purchasers of LG dehumidifiers to keep their receipts and paperwork handy in the event that the unit stops working well before the expiration of the warranty.

Consumer reviewers recommended purchasing a Sunpentown SD-65E dehumidifier instead of a 65 pint LG dehumidifier. The Sunpentown is comparable in price, Energy Star rated, and scores higher ratings from consumers.

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