LG Dehumidifier - Disappointing Garbage

by Donna

I purchased an LG Dehumidifier last summer at a Home Depot near my home. I just purchased a new split level home with a finished lower level/basement and was concerned about the humidity level. The humidifier was on sale so I thought I was getting a great deal. Little did I know that what I was purchasing was a "lemon" so to speak. Once it was set up, it worked fine for the first month. It was quiet at first but then it gradually began to make a humming noise. Not a big deal as I adjusted its position a few times but it continued to make the noise. After The 3rd month, I noticed that the humidifier would work for 30 minutes or so and then shut off. The "bucket full indicator" light came on and there was barely any water in the bucket. I tried removing the bucket, emptying it, replacing it, checking the filter and the coils, reading the manual, any and everything I could think of to try to fix the problem. Nothing seemed to work. Summer was over by then and I no longer needed to use it so I put it away for the fall/winter months. The following summer, I tried to use it and it would turn on, then immediately turn off with the bucket full indicator light on. I called the company and explained what was going on with the dehumidifier. I was told that they no longer sold that model nor do they repair them, and that I could return it to Home Depot as long as it was within a year of the purchase date. Unfortunately it wasn't and I was sh*# out of luck. I was told by a representative of LG that there was nothing that they could do. I will never purchase another product with the LG brand name. As far as I'm concerned, it's a garbage product and the lack of customer service is appalling. I spent over $300.00 on a product that lasted less than a year. Don't be the loser like I was. The big brand name companies are making millions for making garbage. And we as consumers are spending our hard earned money buying it, only to turn around a year or two later to purchase the same product because it doesn't last any longer than that..if that. This is what these big companies do.. they make products that are only built to last a couple years, then it breaks down and consumers are left holding the bag of garbage that they purchased and are now forced to purchase that same product again. This would never have happened 25 years ago. Companies actually made quality products and cared about customer service. When a product was built, it was meant to last. My advice to anyone who reads this or who is deciding what is the best "product/name brand" to buy is to do your research before you spend your hard earned money on garbage.

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