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Kaz humidifiers are found in all sizes and with ultrasonic, evaporative and warm mist. Read our expert review of the various models here.Kaz manufactures or licenses humidifiers under several brand names including: Kaz, Honeywell, Enviracaire, Duracraft, and Vicks.

Kaz is owned by Helen of Troy Limited, a personal care and consumer products company. Humidifiers sold by Kaz are available in a number of styles, including warm mist, cool mist, vaporizers, and steam inhalers. Kaz humidifier brands generally range in price from about $25 to about $130.

A consumer favorite in the Kaz line is the Kaz Personal Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier. This model is a travel-sized humidifier with its own small tank. It would be suitable for a room up to 150 square feet -- if you need a larger capacity humidifier, look for another model.

Consumers liked the Personal Mist Ultrasonic because it is lightweight and very quiet. It is an especially good choice for elderly consumers with smaller-scale needs -- but who do not want to lift heavier objects. Among customers who reviewed this humidifier, the primary concern was the short life-span of the unit. It only lasts about a year. However, many customers said they would replace their humidifier with the exact same model. Average consumer review was 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Another popular Kaz humidifier -- made by Honeywell -- is the Kaz Health Mist Quiet Operation Cool Mist Humidifier. This unit promises superfine mist and includes a Kaz exclusive “dynafilter”. This filter removes dust, tobacco smoke, odors, pollen, and other fine particulates. The water fill channel allows the humidifier to be filled without removing the cover.

While most consumers who reviewed the Health Mist found it easy to use and fairly quiet, some reviewers reported difficulty cleaning it. Reviewers gave this model an average of 3 stars out of 5. The Health Mist sells for about $25.

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