is there an "all in one" model out yet?

by Gina
(Fort Worth, TX)

is there such a thing as a humidifier/purifier and sanitizer all in one out yet? also, any whole house unit recommendations? i'm pretty confused don't want a bunch of ugly machines in each room kind of crazy with the cost of filters etc. plus 3 of each in 9 room would cost a fortune! any way around that? do you know if germ guardians personal model that you wear emits ozone or not? i've called and they haven't called back (it's been weeks now) I need the truth on it for my ailing mother thank you.

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Oct 19, 2010
all in one air purifier humidifier for the home
by: Lisa- site expert

This is a great question for the coming dry, indoor season. There are some products that come close to what you are after. What is seems like you need is a whole house air purifier, humidifier with a UV light for sanitation. There are pros and cons to all these, but yes, this way for 9 rooms you don't need a separate air purifier, humidifier and UV sanitizer for each, yikes, that would be a hefty bill and a pain to keep up!!

This website has some info on Honeywell products, they are reasonably priced, though vary in reviews. Here is the link:
I don't know this company, but this page really spoke to what you are after.

I'd say you could get any whole house humidifier, we use Aprilaire and separately get an air purifier with UV for the HVAC system. Most times a dual purifier/humidifier will not do a great job at either, whereas buying individually, you can get exactly what you want for each.

As for the ozone emission of the germ guardian personal unit, I cannot say for sure. I believe germ guardian units do not emit ozone as standard, but can't say on this specific one. Keep checking with them for sure. Good thing you are aware of the risks of ozone!

To your health,

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