IQAir HealthPro Plus top quality yet expensive

by Kelly

I have owned a IQAir healthpro plus for over three years now. I came to this website as I am looking for an air purifier for our basement living area and wanted to compare the IQAir with other air purifiers. I figured other people were wondering about the comparison as well so here are my thoughts.

I love the IQAir healthpro plus. I have felt so much better since I started using this purifier. I was naive and started with a Hunter air purifier, since that's what I found at the store that looked good. Didn't seem to do a great job and was noisy. After all my research a few years ago, I landed on the IQAir purifier. I went with the healthpro plus because I liked the extra purification and thought, why not go all out since I am buying a great purifier, to see if I felt better. I DO! I would probably buy another if I were super rich, but alas, money didn't grow on my tree and so here lands me looking for another, less expensive but great purifier. The filters are so expensive to buy year after year and we won't be in the downstairs area everyday anyway.

I am going to go with the BlueAir purifier next. From what I read here and other places, I really like the non-toxic filters which inhibit growth of mold/mildew, and the ionic purifier option. I like the way the room smells with the ionic purifier- no ozone too, which is great. The living area isn't too big, so this size is good and the filters aren't too much compared to the IQAir, yet are rated really well.

So, if money isn't an issue, or you need top quality for your health, go with the IQAir healthpro series. I hope the BlueAir does a similarly great job for a little less money.

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