Ionic Pro user headache seem related to use?

I have an ionic pro air purifier and have noticed that I get headaches after use of it for a few hours. Do you see any correlation? It did have a plastic-y smell, would that be it? Just thought I would check for some info to see if you have heard of any problems with this type of situation with the Ionic Pro?

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Dec 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

I just purchased an Air innovations anti-microbial humidifier and every time I use it, I have horrible headaches within an minutes after I turn it on...needless to say it is going back...Obviously they are not for everyone

Sep 25, 2012
Killer Headache and odor from these machines
by: Anonymous

One of these air purifiers was recently placed in our office. It produces an awful smell, like stale air and causes me to have horrible headaches. This negative ion being good for you is a load of crap.

Feb 25, 2011
blue air headache
by: Lisa- site expert

The BlueAir purifier are stated to not produce any ozone, so the negative ions shouldn't cause a headache. Though if you only get a headache in the room with the purifier, there could be a relationship between the negative ions and the headache. I believe on some BlueAir models you can turn off the negative ion function, if yours has this option, try turning it off.
If it keeps happening, return it as you don't want a headache all the time with the purifier!

To your health, Lisa

Feb 21, 2011
Blueair 200 series
by: Anonymous

I purchases a Blueair 200 series recently, and I've noticed that I get headaches when I'm in the room it's operating. Part of it's function is to generate negative ions to help further clean the air. Is it possible that it's creation of negative ions also produces some ozone that's causing my headaches? What else could it be? Do negative ions cause headaches?

Jun 19, 2010
Ozone causing headache
by: Anonymous

I know I am quite sensitive to ozone ... it causes a dull headache ... there are certain days in the summer, when I avoid going outdoors after 10am ...
A while ago, I tired an air purifier for our bedroom that releases some ozone, supposedly a safe level ... enough for me to get a headache, so I had to return it.

May 17, 2010
Ionic Pro and health issues
by: Lisa- site expert

Good question! I am glad you noticed that your headaches may be from use of your Ionic Pro. The "fresh air" smell that the ionic function offers actually produces ozone. Ozone gets rid of odors. Ozone also has been linked to lung irritation and is not recommended for anyone with asthma.

While you may not have lung issues, it is documented that high levels of ozone can cause sinus problems, shortness of breath, fever and, Yes! headaches.

The Ionic Pro does stay within the FDA limit of ozone .05ppm and is considered therefore safe by the FDA. We all know that some people may have reactions, even with FDA approved things. So, I would venture to guess that it is very possible your headaches could be from the ozone produced from the Ionic Pro air purifier.

The Ionic Pro is not much better than a fan at being an air purifier, so I recommend doing yourself a huge favor and getting a really good air purifier. There are many to pick from on this site. The "best air purifier" page will give the list of the top I have found. It might be hard to spend the money, but it will pay off in years of health in the long run!!

To healthy air,

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