Ionic Pro Purifiers Review

Does the Ionic Pro Purifiers line stand up to the hype? We really like the concept of ionizers. In the office, there is a ionizing salt lamp on my desk. I doubt it would stand up to many scientific claims, but I like it and I don’t think it does any harm. Actually, I know the extra light is good for me at least.

The problem with Ionic Pro purifiers is that they emit ozone, which might do harm. There has been an established allowable amount of ozone that ionic purifiers can emit. Any unit is only allowed to emit up to .05 ppm. But, it is still up for debate whether any is ok. It has been shown that ozone is not good for people with asthma or lung conditions. It irritates the lungs.

If the ozone emission doesn’t bother you, and you are thinking of getting the Ionic Pro, consider what you would like out of the purchase. Is it the ionizing feature? Is it the air purifying feature? I once lived by the ocean and loved the ionized air. I think it is worth looking into products that offer ozone free ionization. Sharp Plasmacluster offers a great ionizing and air purifying unit worth checking into for around the same price. Read the full Review.

As far as air purification, it does purify the air somewhat. There are other products that do a better job in this price range. For consumer reviews, the Ionic Pro gets 3 stars, but there are almost as many one star ratings as 5 star. Consumers offering the one star ratings say that the quality is poor and the customer service is not helpful. The people giving five stars say the unit did help with their allergies and did reduce the amount of dust in their home.

For top quality air purification without the ionic feature, the Honeywell 50250 has high ratings for really purifying the air. Also, it has a permanent HEPA filter, so filter replacement costs are low. The 50250 is a good budget value and a good purifier. Read the full Review.

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