I recieved an ionic pro purifier from a client in USA and I am in canada.

will I need a interverter to change the voltage??
It does not work.


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Feb 04, 2011
Ionic Pro not working
by: Lisa- site expert

Yes, I would assume you'd need an inverter for your purifier. My recommendation is that you do not use your Ionic Pro air purifier. It is nice you got it as a gift and I am sure the person was being thoughtful. Unfortunately, it is not a good purifier. It releases a lot of ozone, safe by regulatory standards, but not at a level I would want in my house.
It doesn't have a very good filter either. If you can turn off the Ionic feature, then it won't put out the ozone, so it would be ok to use then. People get headaches from the ozone and it is not recommended for use for anyone with asthma or lung issues, as it is a known lung irritant. You could use it and see if it bothers you, some people like these machines. Just wanted to give you some info on it before you get it to work with the inverter.

To your health,

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