Idylis 4 gal air humidifier

by tracee
(north carolina)

I really like my Idylis humidifier. However, we have problems with the ultrasonic nebs. geting a pink film on them...this seems to slow/stop the mist flow. Any recommendations?

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Apr 15, 2014
by: shar

Where do you get the filters... I didn't notice how flimsy the filters were when my husband brought this home but now that I am cleaning it and and packing it away for the summer I am like What the heck!! How did they even hold up this long? Where can I get new filters and how much $$ I'm hoping they improved the filters...

Apr 10, 2014
Good product No parts availability
by: J Pitcher

I bought a Idylis 1 1/2 gal humidifier S55C-AE1 a 1 1/2 ago. I need a water tank. Their parts representative at 1-800-643-0067 says that parts are not available. It seems I will need to get a new one to replace it; not Idylis

Feb 17, 2012
f 2.5 A/250 V fuse
by: Jeremy

We've had our Ultrasonic humidifier up right for a year and a half. Never seen any pink residue/build up. However, we do have to wipe it down to remove the white sediments off. As far as these things go it was a pretty good product. Now, our problem was this blown fuse. I went to four different stores to include computer, automotive, farm, and finally Radio Shack. I did find the right size fuse for the mother board but the only problem was it didn't have a wire sticking out each end to secure it to the mother board. I tried to solder some copper wire to the ends and it wouldn't adhere to the copper. So, that plan didn't work. Now I'm looking on line for the proper fuse to attach to the mother board. I figure the company Hanny should sell it. So far no luck, just started looking and got side track with this blog. Wish me luck.

Jan 07, 2012
We really like our Idylis tower humidifiers
by: Anonymous

We have two Idylis tower ultrasonic humidifiers and so enjoy them. However, I read one coment about all the electronics being exposed to humidity and looking like they had been exposed to the ocean.

I thoroughly cleaned both of ours the other day, turning them upside down to emptly all the water out, and when I plugged it back in, sparks flew and it wouldn't come back on. I took it apart, only to find a weird fuse, which I assuem blew. It's a glass fuse with a wire sticking out each end to plug into the circuitry. I haven't been able to find a replacement fuse anywhere.

We live in West Texas, where the water is chock full of minerals and so hard it could break your teeth if you chewed on it! We use our RO water and have no problems with white dust or anything pink about them.

We just can't use humidifiers with wicks. The minerals in the water coat them over so bad in six weeks that the wicks need replaced.

Jan 06, 2012
Owners Manual
by: Allison

Just bought the floor model of the Idylis Ultrasonic 2.5 gallon humidifier, but it did not have the owners manual. Any suggestions on finding one on-line?

Response from Lisa- site owner: I recommend calling Idylis. You can google their name and find their contact info. Best of luck.

Nov 15, 2011
dont buy
by: Anonymous

Wouldn't recommend buying this unit. It's great while it works but his has a short life span, I took extra care to keep the unit clean but its no use. I took the unit apart to see why it failed and to my surprise all the electronic components are exposed to the moisture and all the connections look as if they had been in the air of the ocean.

Oct 20, 2011
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Bev,
No worries about cleaning the nebulizer. This is the same as the ultrasonic mist creator at the top of the unit where the moisture comes out.

Oct 20, 2011
use rain water
by: Bev

I collect rain water for my Idylis humidifier, then I run it through a coffee filter. Works great.
My problem today is, what is the nebulizer, where is it, and do I just use the brush to clean it?

Jul 26, 2011
Dust and Run issues
by: Brad

We really liked Our humifier in in the beginning. Yes, in order to avoid the white dust all over everything you will have to use filtered water. Once we started buying the filtered water at 25 cent a gallon all the dust went away. The problem we are having now is it keeps shutting off, even when the tank is 3/4 full it says it is out of water. I bumb it a couple of times, it goupls and starts running again. The manual says to only use water to clean it. I think I am going to have to use some soap next time. When I cleaned it for the first time, 6 months, a week ago it had a slimmy clear substance in the bottom of the tank and where the water pools in the bottom of the unit.

May 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

bought this humidifier 4 months ago and it worked good, then one day it would not turn on when we plugged it into wall outlet. We lost our receipt so i guess this is a loss to us.

Feb 22, 2011
white dust all over everything
by: Pat

We bought 3 Idylis humidifiers, 2 towers, 1 table model. White dust all over the place. We checked with Lowe's then called the number on the owners manual. All they say is use filtered or distilled water. What an added expense. I am constantly wiping white chalky dust off stuff. They told us we could take them back and that sounds like a plan to me. I can't stand the white stuff all over my house.

Jan 10, 2011
Idylis Ultrasonic Humidifier question
by: Lisa- site expert

Great to hear you like the Idylis ultrasonic humidifier. Seems like a good model for an ultrasonic.My guess on the pink film is that is actually is a build up of mold.
On my evaporative humidifier, the filter will get pink mold on it if I let the water sit on the filter too long without cleaning it or letting it go dry for a day or so during constant use.

Especially if it's gunking up the system, I think it might be mold from the water. Ultrasonic humidifiers do need a lot of cleaning, like every 3-5 days if used all the time. So, just keep cleaning it, or get some sanitizer (it'll be in the humidifier section of Lowe's as well, or find many types on the internet) to put in the water to inhibit the growth of that mold. Hope that helps.

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